SEO tips for 2016

SEO industry faces many changes in the Google algorithm year in and year out. Things are no different in 2016 and SEO specialists are encouraged to look out for trends that can affect their search engine rankings. Read on to find out the top SEO tips for 2016.

Best SEO Tips for 2016

1. Word count per post matters

Longer and well researched articles carrying words between 700 to 1,900 words do well on the search engine front page. But keep in mind that quality content is the king, so don’t just create filler content just for the sake of great length. Experts recommend using subheads, images and bullet points throughout the long-form content to make it easy for targeted readers to scan and digest it more quickly. Long articles are not only getting more traffic, but also ranking higher in search results for competitive terms. Google is basically making these changes to send traffic to pages that delight humans.

2. Figure out your keywords

Though keywords are an old SEO aspect, they still continue into the future. It’s true that Google has gotten better about interpreting meaning of keywords, but they remain an essential part of your SEO strategy. You have to include them. Before you settle on a certain keyword, it’s imperative to research and make an informed decision as to whether you’re going to use them based on your competition and the reach you can expect.

3. Improve user engagement

User engagement helps determine the effectiveness of page elements that usually contribute to visitors committing to your call to action. Therefore, you are encouraged to write engaging contents for the targeted keywords. You can get people engaged with your contents simply by asking for their opinion on topics related to your contents or asking them some questions. If you fail in this, it’s possible they will not spend much time on your website or blog. When people leave almost immediately, it sends a negative signal to Google and will affect your rankings for targeted terms.

4. Optimize for mobile

Your targeted audience is no longer in one place; therefore, you have to make your business website mobile-friendly. Thanks to advancements in technology, people can now use all sorts of devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops to surf the internet. Google made it easier to find relevant, mobile-optimized sites and now it uses mobile-friendliness as a factor in ranking search results. Plenty of brands are taking up the mobile-friendly trend in 2016. In fact, mobile optimization is becoming a norm, rather than exception. You don’t want to be left behind, so it’s very important that you change your SEO and conceptualizing strategies for mobile users.

5. Focus on social media

Targeting SEO directly is practically impossible. Google wants companies to focus specifically on users. This means that social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn has gained new prominence on the SERPs. Google knows that popularity from social media is genuine, and something that’s popular on social media will become popular on search rankings. So, it’s high time you made social media a core part of your SEO campaigns.